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Testimonial #1
I almost missed finding this lighting manufacturer at Lightfair as their fixtures were so stealthy. I noticed the effect but couldn't discern where the light was coming from - perfect! Phantom specializes in residential and commercial specification grade lighting products for the illumination of fine art and low voltage display lighting. Once you see how simple and effective their display (shelf) lighting is you simply will not consider another means by which to provide this important source of illumination. This is a high end residential "gotta have". - Lumen Sales
Testimonial #2
As a lighting agent in California for your company, we really appreciate the lead generator feature on your website. Our close rate for Phantom Lighting projectors has been terrific and we jump on these leads immediately. We love the new service and I think you will be impressed with our response time. Have a great day! - Angie Alvarado 

Testimonial #3
We are very happy that we found Phantom Lighting products. As a custom home builder I am always looking for innovative products to set my homes apart from the competition. When you installed Phantom Strip Lights in my family room cabinets, it was like we had a added a new room in our house. You transformed our standard bookcases into an impressive illuminated wall display. Rest assured that we will be recommending Phantom LED Strip Lighting to all our customers. - Larry Skelton 

Testimonial #4
I manage a large lighting showroom in Houston. I have always been reluctant to specify or furnish framing projectors to my customers because they are expensive and usually nothing but trouble. My lighting representative showed me the Phantom Contour Projector and just how easy it was to install over Wendelighting or Laymance projectors, so I decided to use nine RM Series (remodel housings) on a retro-fit job. My installer was quite pleased with how easy the rough in process went, especially since no patching or painting was required. We trimmed out the projectors yesterday and I could not be more pleased. The ease and simplicity of the adjustable shutters makes this one of the most affordable and effective framing projectors on the market. I also used the custom template to light not only two works individually, but three on one wall. Compared to other projectors, The Contour is so easy to install. I plan to make Phantom Contour Projectors my standard for lighting fine art and sculpture lighting. Thanks - Kent 

Testimonial #5
The contractor just turned on our Phantom Shelf Lighting in our newly remodeled home office. WOW - What a difference your low voltage shelf lighting makes to the overall look of the room! It's so cool how we can adjust the shelves even after the lights were installed. Consider us one of your happy campers! - C Brant 

Testimonial #6
As a custom home builder, I always recommend Phantom Lighting to my clients for shelf or display lighting. Thanks for taking the time to meet with my cabinet maker to work out the details and provide him shop drawings. Your adjustable shelf lighting system is so easy to install and operate. We plan to make every cabinet with provisions for Phantom Lighting on every job! -P Robbins