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The Phantom Contour Projector SM Series (surface mount or track mount) is the most economical, easy to install framing projector for the illumination of art on the market today. The sleek design, precision optics and adjustable shutters make the Phantom Contour Projector perfect for homes, offices, art galleries and fine restaurants. The projector is available in both a canopy as well as a track mount. Phantom Contour Projectors are designed by a professional installer and have been engineered so a novice, do it yourselfer or qualified electrican can successfully illuminate art. The patented mounting method, simplified optical system and the ability to use both shutters and custom templates make this one of the most versatile and awesome art lighting fixtures on the market today. By shaping the light to only the canvas, the art takes on a "Lighted from within" look that can only be seen to appreciate.