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Builders, electrical contractors, and lighting designers require professional lighting equipment that can be customized to a wide range of commercial and residential marketplaces. This equipment must feature specification grade design that will ensure reliable performance and cost effective energy management, and it must also be user friendly enough for the client to manipulate when necessary. Modern custom homes often feature highly individualized architecture, and more and more office buildings are now being designed around a blend of historical styles and archetypal motifs. Today’s eclectic construction market demands ingenuity and creativity on the part of the design professional, and it also calls for decorative lighting equipment that can be bent and shaped to appropriately illuminate the interiors and contents of increasingly eclectic environments and particular tastes of high-end clientele.

Phantom Lighting is a Houston-based manufacturing firm specializing in energy-efficient professional lighting equipment designed for a variety of interior, decorative, and fine art lighting applications. Through our Agent network the contractor can obtain a variety of linear lighting and and the best art lighting fixture solutions to meet the complex demands of a challenging marketplace. The following represents a summary of some of the many applications our products can be utilized for:

Residential Cove Lighting Architects are frequently called upon to design unique interiors that feature vaulted ceilings, trusses, and serpentine coves. Both homes and offices are moving away from the traditional flat ceiling, and designers need professional cove lighting equipmentthat will illuminate the fine points of these unique interior keynotes without diminishing the presentation with visible equipment that can detract from the aesthetic of the architecture itself. 

Many standard cove lights are limited in these environments because of their fixed linear build. The Phantom CM series was designed to solve this problem by creating a cove lighting fixture that would bend a full 360 degrees if necessary to accommodate any radius, or wind along any varying angle to accommodate a serpentine cove. Like all Phantom strip lights, the CM features a compact design that hides it from the viewer’s eye and uses transformers that are much smaller than industry standard and therefore much easier to conceal. 

Cabinet Lighting 
Phantom also custom-manufacturers professional low voltage cabinet lighting equipment designed specifically for cabinet lighting in custom homes and high-end commercial applications. Builders can choose from lamping options that include incandescent, xenon, and LED in a complete spectrum of colour temperatures that will match luminance precisely to custom cabinetry and countertop color and texture. (Be sure to read about our latest development, the 2800K festoon lamp, as an example of this). 

Phantom cabinet lighting fixtures are manufactured according to the exact specifications provided by the builder, architect, or electrical subcontractor. The can be horizontally mounted to the forefront of the under cabinet surface, vertically or horizontally mounted as in-cabinet lights, or even positioned over the cabinets to provide complimentary ambient light to cove or overhead ceiling lights.

Display Lighting 
Displays are often difficult to light for two reasons. Display lighting fixtures are often too visible and distract the viewer’s attention away from display contents. Many display lights are also difficult to adjust and offer limited aesthetic options. Phantom specializes in overcoming both challenges providing professionals with lighting equipment designed to hide its own physical presence within the shelving structure of display cabinets and utilize dimmable, sophisticated festoon lamping technology to showcase any variety of display items. Interior designers frequently use Phantom linear display lights to illuminate antiques, collectibles, and collectors’ firearms that require precise colour temperatures to showcase their true value. Professional lighting designers also prefer our equipment when showcasing such items as wine, rare books, and documents on display that require the totally heatless light source and the superior colour rendering of our 2800K LED festoon lamps. 

Art Lighting 
Art is essential to interior decorating and requires the most technically sophisticated, user-friendly, professional lighting equipment. Phantom Contour Projector light fixtures fulfill both requirements with a low profile, art lighting fixture that mounts central to the room in the ceiling. The projector itself is small in comparison to competing models and is virtually invisible to the viewer’s normal line of site. No other form of professional art lighting equipment has proven so successful in minimizing glare and eliminating spill light. This is due to Phantom’s proprietary engineering that focuses and shapes the light to the artwork in such a manner as to keep the beam itself invisible until it strikes the surface. This results in a magical “lighted from within” effect that causes the artwork to glow with an aura of seemingly sourceless light. Art consulting professionals can create the most sophisticated and unique art lighting effects using this equipment, including the illumination of statuary which requires a complex interplay of light and shadow to be effective, and which the Contour Projector is ideal for producing. 

Phantom Agent Network for the Professional Contractor 
If you are a builder, architect, electrical contractor, interior designer, or art consultant, we want you to call us and become familiar with our Lighting Agents. Expert in our entire line of high-end lighting equipment, our lighting manufacturer representatives customize our technology to your client’s needs and oversee delivery and technical support for your order. 

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