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Lighting manufacturers all around the country are going head to head with each other to get your attention. Choosing the right type of lighting manufacturer requires a little bit of information about, who the company is, and what type of product they are offering. Many linear lighting manufacturers and art lighting manufacturers try to run similar product lines to each other, so one company cannot outdo the other. However, it is the company, which stands up and takes the initiative to produce innovative products that have not been seen before that reaps the ultimate benefits. Phantom Lighting is one company that falls into this category. Our state-of-the-art technology has revolutionized the illumination industry with new and exciting products. 

Phantom Lighting has special products, which conceal the light source, while providing residents with even, focused illumination for their prized possessions. We specialize in fine art, picture, and shelf lighting. All of our products are custom-made to fit your job. There are no duplicates or stock fixtures used for your design, just the pure magic of new Phantom Lighting devices. Other lighting fixture manufacturers may appear to offer everything you need for your home design. However, their product line falls far short of the magnificent illumination you will receive once your Phantom Lighting fixture is installed. 

The Phantom Contour Projector, created by our manufacturers, is everything you will need, when it comes to fine art lighting. Our revolutionary projector gives your artwork a source of focused, even illumination, which penetrates onto the canvas without ever spilling over onto adjacent walls. This gives your artwork a “lighted from within” look, because the colors and details brought out by this projector are simply astonishing! The contour projector also comes with a special UV filter, which protects your paintings from the harmful effects of ultra-violet light and infrared radiation. 

We offer several different housings for the contour projector, which will make your job easier, when it comes time to install the product in the appropriate location. The contour projector is extremely versatile, allowing the user to adjust the Pyrex glass focal lenses to manipulate the light beam to their desire. Users can also remove the contour projector from the mounting cradle for servicing and cleaning purposes. The contour projector is just one reason why most people consider us to be one of the best lighting manufacturers in the country. 

But this is not the only reason. Phantom Strip Lights are another. We are also the manufacturer of our patented strip lights, which are the perfect choice for shelves, cabinets, breakfronts, and armoires. Easy to install and beautiful to look at, Phantom LED cove lights highlight your entire display, while hiding the light source for a more aesthetic appearance. As a lighting manufacturer, we take great pride in what we produce and want to provide every client with the most radiant source of light for their cherished treasures. 

The adjustable shelf concept is a special feature only found with Phantom Strip Lights. This concept allows users to remove or relocate existing shelves without having to disconnect wires or use tools. Phantom Strip Lights will work on any type of shelving you have. Our special glare shields are also available, which hide the light source, even at the harshest angles. What else would you expect from a superior illumination manufacturer? 

The search for a quality illumination manufacturer is now over. Homeowners, businesses, and art galleries have been using Phantom Lighting to give their space the extra brilliance it requires. Most lighting manufacturers give you the product, but not the high-level of service that comes with a top-notch illumination company. Why settle for another manufacturer? Request a CD Catalog, or contact one of our lighting agents today and come see what magic we have in store for you. 

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