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   Contour Projectors

NC Series
Contour Projector with new construction housing, fixture bars and standard exposed cover plate.

RM Series
Contour Projector with round remodeler housing and standard exposed cover plate.

FF Series
Contour Projector with
square housing and float finish or zero sight light cover plate.

TA Series
Controur Projector with square top access housing, fixture bars and no cover plate.

SM Series
Contour Projector with surface mount canopy or track lighting attachemt.

      Lighting Strips

AC Series
The ultimate in adjustable concealed shelf lighting utilizing custom buss bars to conduct low voltage power.

AE Series
The perfect solution for adjustable shelf lighting in existing cabinets, furniture or bookcases.

CM Series
Low voltage linear cove lighting products utilizing incandescent, xenon and LED festoon lamps.

HM Series
Low voltage linear display lighting designed for horizontal applications.

TL Series
Task lighting solutions utilizing incandescnet, xenon and LED low voltage festoon lamps.

VM Series
Low voltage linear lighting strips designed for vertical mount applications.

Magnetic and electronic transformers ranging in size from 80-1200 watts provide safe low voltage current to Phantom Lighting Strips.