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Phantom CM cove lighting fixtures offer architects, builders, lighting design professionals, and electrical contractors the ultimate in performance and flexibility as a seamless, indirect low voltage linear lighting source. Because of their low profile design intended to seamlessly compliment any interior cove, valance, or kitchen soffit, CM strip lights offer a more robust decorative lighting source that gives the architect greater freedom of creativity with fewer technical complications. This is because all Phantom CM Series lighting strips are manufactured to your exact specifications using a variety of custom metal glare shields that create a radiant luminescence that is softer and more decoratively appropriate to high-end commercial lighting and specialty residential lighting needs. 

Phantom cove lighting fixtures represent what is most possibly the world’s most “concealed” indirect lighting source. There are a number of reasons for this. CM linear strip lights are slimmer than standard linear cove lights and fluorescent fixtures. They are designed to hide their physical presence completely, even when placed along the most narrow interior soffits, valances, or custom coves in vaulted ceilings. This offers the eclectic architect considerably more freedom in design. Any number of warm, indirect, and ambient lighting effects can be achieved which appear to emanate from the top of the room from an apparently invisible source. In fact, the elimination of visually obtrusive equipment was the origin of our brand (Phantom), and the basis for our mission statement, “See the light, not the Fixture.” 

A great deal of our success in concealing cove lighting fixtures themselves is attributable to our unique approach to manufacturing and customization. Most strip lights are manufactured first, and then further modified prior to installation. Phantom reverses this process, and literally creates a made-to-order cove light tailored to the exact environment for which it is intended. We actually build every cove lighting fixture according to the dimensions of the mounting surface. Phantom Agents work in close consultative partnership with builders, architects, lighting designers, and electrical contractors who contact us to fulfill special requirements that standard, pre-manufactured lighting strips may not be able to meet as effectively. Each flexible cove lighting fixture is then built to fit the exact horizontal width of a cove, interior kitchen soffit, or decorative valance. To ensure a seamless fit to eclectic architecture with curved ceilings, our strip lights feature a unique engineering design that allows them to be molded to fit any radius, or bent to a full 360 degrees when necessary. 

This unique flexibility of the Phantom cove lighting fixture lies its ability to either be field cut or notched, making it possible to bend the strip along a curve, or bend it completely around upon itself to form a perfect circle of sourceless light. In a truly domed ceiling that is completely spherical, CM cove lights are the only fixtures that can provide this type of perfect fit without having to be bent and installed in a series. This results in a more low profile presence and an overall cleaner presentation than other types of building cove lighting fixtures generally afford. Serpentine patterns and winding curves are also very common these days in restaurants, hotels, new office buildings, and large custom homes. In these settings, CM cove LED energy saving light fixtures offer an advantage over pre-manufactured lighting strips because each subtle nuance of the soffit or cove has already been anticipated in the initial consultation, and the subtleties of the architecture itself have literally been built into the cove lighting fixture prior to installation! 

More Options in Luminance and Effect 
Lighting designers and builders can offer business owners and residents a wider range of lighting choices and effects with Phantom CM cove lighting fixtures. Lamping options for our linear strips include 3 watt, 5 watt, and 10 watt Incandescent festoon lamps (rated for 7,500 hours) or Xenon low voltage festoon lamps (rated for up to 20,000 hours). Incandescent lamps are generally chosen by home builders who need a color lighting source over an interior soffit or custom cove. Xenon lamps, due to the exceptional quality of the white light they produce, are also the preferred display lights for commercial lighting designers. 

Energy efficient 1.7 watt 12VAC Phantom LED strip lights are ideal for commercial applications where energy code compliance is an issue or a major consideration. They are also excellent retrofit options when replacing existing linear strips may be too expensive for your client. LED light bulbs feature a patent pending 3-bulb design that allows their luminance to closely approximate the luminance of xenon lamps. Older festoons can be removed and new Phantom festoons can simply be snapped into place—provided, of course, that the existing linear cove light fixtures are low voltage and support the festoon lamping design. 

All lamping options are fully dimmable for achieving the perfect light level or to extend lamp life. 

More Options 
Phantom CM Series light strips are available in eight popular painted colors and three custom trim profiles. 

Read more in our lighting blog on cove lighting applications and suggestions, or contact us toll free at 800-863-1184 to request literature or to learn more about Phantom lighting products.